Success Sessions

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Are you ready to meet your Success Coach?

Success Sessions are a free service provided to help First Gen Bulldogs develop strategies for successfully navigating college.

Success Sessions are one-on-one meetings to educate students about university-wide resources and develop personal plans to facilitate student success. Success coaching is an exploration and discovery process that enables you to see yourself from a fresh perspective. Just like a coach in any sport, Success Sessions help you perform to the best of your ability. Together with your coach, you will work to attain your goals.​

Based on your needs, we can explore strategies for success which include but are not limited to the following topics: 
  • Transitioning to college
  • Study strategies - Effective methods on how to study, methods for note-taking
  • Academic planning - Developing strategies and setting goals to improve academic performance
  • Time management - How to balance work, school, and life responsibilities
  • Self-awareness - Helping students understand strengths, values, interests, purpose, and passion
  • Campus involvement - Discovering campus offices, programs, and co-curricular opportunities to help you make the most of your UMD experience
  • Academic and student support resources - Learn about resources available to support your academic, social, and personal success

To make an appointment with Emily for a Success Session coaching, please sign up here.