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Register for UMD Orientation

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We are thrilled you have been admitted to UMD and we are excited to have you come to campus and register for your first semester of UMD classes. Orientation is the next step to becoming a UMD Bulldog. Check your mailbox for your invitation! Signing up and paying the $80 confirmation fee confirms your enrollment to UMD.

Parents and families, you can find out more about our orientation programs here.

How to sign up for Orientation & Confirm your Enrollment

This is your unique account ID that gives you access to U of M network resources. In order to access the VisualZen Orientation portal, you need to initiate your UMD Internet ID Account.  If you've already checked your UMD Admissions status online or submitted your housing application - this step is already completed. You can move on to Step 2.

      • Locate your Student ID
      • Create a password. Please view the tips on how to create a good password. Keep your password handy, but safe (do not share your password with anyone else).
      • Write down your internet ID

Go to: www.umn.edu/initiate.

      • Login to the MyU Portal with your Internet ID and password you created
      • Click the Email link
      • Check the 3 boxes to accept the terms and conditions for using Google Apps at the University
      • Select the Duluth campus
      • Submit form. Keep in mind, it may take up to 30 minutes for your email to be available to use.
      • Write down your email address [your internet id]@d.umn.edu. Example: champ021@d.umn.edu
      • Check your UMD email frequently - information about Orientation will be sent to your UMD email.

Change your Email Domain (transferring from or took courses at another U of M Campus) Please see this link for information on completing this process. The process normally takes 24hrs or less, other than Friday-Sunday. If it seems like your request is stuck, or you're not sure what to do, please contact the Twin Cities Helpdesk at 612-301-4357 or help@umn.edu.

The link necessary to register for an Orientation date and confirm your UMD enrollment is included in the invitation. The invitation is sent out in the mail, and generally arrives two to three weeks after you receive your acceptance letter from Admissions. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our office at 218.726.6393. Keep in mind that it is crucial Steps 1 & 2 be completed to do Step 3.
      • Type in the URL provided in your Official Invitation
      • Log in to the VisualZen Orientation (VZO) Portal with your Internet ID and password. Remember your internet ID is everything before the @d.umn.edu.
      • Click on Complete My Orientation Reservation
      • Follow the reservation prompts to register for a session. The session dates you will see are ones available to you based on your academic program.
      • Pay the non-refundable $80 confirmation fee.
      • Note: a session date is not confirmed until the fee is received.

Forgot your password?

You will need to contact our tech department (ITSS) at 218-726-8847 to reset your password. Ask them to walk you through the password verfication process.  Afterwards, you will be able to log back in to register for your orientation date.

Attention International Students:  You will NOT use this process to schedule for your classes. The International Student Service Office will contact you with the information that is appropriate to your program.