Fall Preparation

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Attention International Students:

You will NOT use this process to schedule a date to register for your fall classes. The International Student Service Office will contact you with the information that is appropriate to your program.

Steps to Register for an A&R Date

When you receive your invitation, follow the directions for how to sign up for your Advisement & Registration date. If you have have been admitted to UMD and have NOT received an invitation, please contact our office ASAP at 218-726-6393 or sit-info@d.umn.edu.

How to sign up for Advisement & Registration

Once you receive your invitation in the mail, you can proceed with the following:

1. Initiate your UMD Internet ID Account.

You need to initiate your unique Internet ID account to get access to U of M network resources.

        • Locate your Student ID - found in your invitation
        • Create a password. Please view the tips on how to create a good password. Keep your password handy, but safe (do not share your password with anyone else).
        • Write down your Internet ID. Example: champ021

2. Activate your UMD Email Account.

        • Login to the MyU Portal with your Internet ID and password you created
        • Click the Email link
        • Check the 3 boxes to accept the terms and conditions for using Google Apps at the University
        • Select the Duluth campus
        • Submit form. Keep in mind, it may take up to 30 minutes for your email to be available to use.
        • Write down your email address [your internet id]@d.umn.eduExample: champ021@d.umn.edu
        • Check your UMD email frequently - all information regarding Advisement & Registration will be sent to your email.

3. Select an Advisement & Registration session

NOTE: The registration link necessary for these next steps is included in your gold envelope invitation. 

        • Login with your Internet ID and password. Remember your internet ID is everything before the @d.umn.edu.
        • Click on Complete My Orientation Reservation
        • Follow the reservation prompts to register for a session. The session dates you will see are ones available to you based on your academic program.
        • Pay the non-refundable $80 confirmation fee.
        • Note: a session date is not confirmed until the fee is received.