Faculty Liaisons

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Faculty Liaisons

Each UMD course offered through CITS has at least one UMD faculty liaison/coordinator selected from the course's academic department. A faculty liaison is responsible for:

  • Designing and delivering workshops to prepare first-time and continuing CITS teachers to teach University-level courses;
  • Overseeing CITS course curricula, text selection, syllabi, assessment and evaluation;
  • Overseeing implementation of the approved UMD grading rubric;
  • Facilitating CITS subject-specific online discussions;
  • Maintaining the critical link between the high schools and UMD for ensuring quality and integrity of the CITS programs;
  • Mentoring CITS teachers;
  • Evaluating CITS teachers' classroom teaching and sharing best practices; and
  • Presenting course content to CITS students during site visits, as requested by the CITS teacher.

UMD faculty member with at least three years of teaching experience

Interest in working with educators who teach college-bound high school juniors and seniors

Commitment to high quality UMD curriculum, “best practice” teaching and learning methods and assessment strategies

Availability to visit partnering high schools for teacher coaching and/or observation of CITS classes, review of UMD syllabi, graded student examinations and papers

Availability to instruct or facilitate CITS teacher annual professional development workshop

Possession of a valid driver’s license and the ability to drive UMD car to partnering school; and

Interest in serving the outreach mission of UMD by collaborating with other UMD departments and faculty as well as regional high schools.

A stipend of $200 is paid for each high school CITS Site Visit (i.e. per course section), upon submission of a written report to the CITS coordinator; please email the CITS Site Visit Report.

A stipend of $100 is paid for each Google Hangout online meeting conducted with CITS high school teacher (upon submission of a one-page report of the meeting to the CITS coordinator; a liaison may conduct an online meeting in lieu of or in addition to a school site visit.)

UMD car pool vehicles should be used for all CITS travel—contact CITS to reserve a vehicle. If a UMD car is not available, mileage should be stated on your UMD CITS Site Visit Report. A University of Minnesota Employee Expense Worksheet must be completed and provided to the CITS Director for mileage and meal reimbursement. See UMD’s current mileage reimbursement rate and travel policy.

Meal reimbursement during extended travel or during site visits outside of the Duluth area is compensated based on UMD’s meal reimbursement rates. See UMD’s current meal rates to determine maximum amount allowed per person.

Mileage is reimbursed for travel to sites outside the Duluth area: Aitkin, Barnum, Cloquet, Grand Marais, Grand Rapids, Hermantown, Hill City, McGregor, Moose Lake, and Two Harbors

A stipend of $200 is paid for work related to approving and preparing each new CITS teacher candidate, e.g. review of application, interview, observation, consultation, letter of recommendation, meeting with the department chair or the whole department to assist with approval of the candidate, and conducting a session to prepare the new teacher to offer the UMD CITS course. In some cases a face-to-face interview rather than a telephone interview may be required.

New CITS faculty liaisons in-training who shadow the current CITS liaison to perform site visits, special presentations, and review/evaluation/conduct interviews with teacher candidates are compensated at the rate of $25 per hour. Typically, this training period spans one semester.

CITS professional development workshop honorarium: With at least two CITS teachers in attendance, an honorarium of $800 per day is paid for a one-day (8-hour) workshop; $400 for a half-day (four hour) workshop; $300 for a three-hour workshop; $200 for a two-hour workshop; for one-on-one workshops the faculty liaison will be paid $75 per hour.

During a CITS Campus Visit, liaisons may be requested to meet with the class and/or teacher. Special presentations to CITS classes during UMD Campus Visits are compensated at the rate of $100 per hour/50 minute class period. Request a UMD room reserved in advance by contacting the CITS staff.

Meeting meal expenses with CITS teachers, CITS program staff, and UMD faculty and department chairs over the lunch hour in the Dining Center will be covered by the CITS program.

Note: UMD CITS faculty liaisons may be requested to carpool with other CITS liaisons and/or the CITS coordinator to a high school or a series of high schools.

Request for Payment:

Faculty liaisons submit an email to the CITS coordinator detailing the work completed, including dates, names of CITS teachers, high school name, and amount of time spent. The CITS Site Visit Report should be submitted for each site visit and a copy shared with the CITS teacher and your department chair. As a courtesy and for budgetary purposes, please email your confirmed Site Visit plan/schedule in advance to the CITS coordinator to expedite UMD car reservations in your name.

Upon EVCAA approval or denial of a CITS candidate, the CITS coordinator requests payment for the teacher candidate review; faculty will be notified regarding the request for reimbursement.

Submission of a detailed work completed report via email should occur within one calendar month of the date of the presentation, workshop, CITS teacher/candidate meeting, or site visit. All work completed during the current fiscal year must be reported by the annual deadline of May 30 so that payment may be made from the current year’s budget.