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This is a place where Student Life staff share book and article resources that are recommended for other colleagues in the Division of Student Life. All staff in student life are invited to share what they're reading or have read. To do so, simply click here to access a Google Form designed to collect the information needed.

Staff in Student Life are required annually to participate in professional development opportunities that support UMD Goal 2 ("Advance equity, diversity, inclusiveness, and social justice within the campus community.") and UMD Student Life Goal Area (Cultural Competence). Books and articles that support professional development in these areas have an asterisk beside the title.

The name of the recommender is also included so that you can reach out to the staff member to learn more about what they read and why they are recommending it. If you choose to read it, too, you could also connect with them afterward to discuss it!


Author and Other Relevant Information

Recommended By

Confident Pluralism: Surviving and Thriving Through Deep Difference*John D. Inazu
University of Chicago Press
Lisa Erwin
Student Life