Planning Timeline

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Everyone interested in the UMD Campus is invited to make comments at any time. The overall timeline of the strategic planning process, and the times when feedback from various constituencies would be most helpful, are described below.

ActivityStart DateTimes When Feed-back/Action Was/Is Particularly HelpfulTarget/ Finish Date
Conduct SWOT analysis12/13/10Online to 1/19/11; campus forum 2/8/112/11/11
Identify Core Values12/13/10Online to 2/4/11; campus forum 2/8/112/11/11
Update Mission Statement12/13/10Online to 2/4/11; campus forum 2/8/112/11/11
Create UMD Vision 202012/13/10Online to 2/11/11; campus forum 3/29/113/31/11
Identify Campus Goals1/4/11Online to 3/3/11; campus forum 3/29/114/11/11
Identify Action Steps2/8/11Online to 3/3/11; campus forum 3/29/114/29/11
Create Integrated Campus Strategic Plan2/7/11Online to 3/3/11; campus forum 3/29/114/29/11
Approve Strategic Plan4/12/11Campus Assembly: 4/12, 4/26/115/24/11
Prepare to Implement Plan6/1/11Online 8/29/11 to 9/30/119/30/11
Implement Key Elements of Plan8/29/11Online 8/29/11 to 5/31/125/31/12