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Welcome to the UMD strategic planning web site!

Welcome to the UMD Strategic Planning website!

I am honored to present to you the 2011 UMD Strategic Plan which contains a refined mission, vision, statement of core values and goals for the university. This new vision focuses on students learning and growing through experience, critical inquiry, and interaction with other learners. You will also find on this site the Campus Action Plan, which defines a manageable set of action steps. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the strategic planning process. Your input made these documents strong.

These two planning documents work together to provide a guideline for moving UMD forward over the next few years. Our process continues to be systematic, ongoing, and cyclical, with links to institutional resources and assessment. We are considering what changes need to be made in the teaching and learning process at UMD in order to achieve increased quality in a time of dwindling state support. We are looking at our campus structures and systems to see what changes need to be made in order for us to be most effective and most efficient. We are dreaming big, and we are reaching toward a vision that will stretch us and help us become the premier institution we aspire to be. The plan provides a sharper focus on distinctive UMD attributes and the unique niche that will place UMD among the best higher educational institutions of its type in the country.

Please review our current implementation activities and share your reactions as indicated below.

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