Dear Parents,

While we cannot give your student the same attention you have, I promise both the Staff in The Office of Student Life and the staff in The Office for Students in Transition are here to help your student through. We will listen, console, push, challenge, help them examine their decisions and connect them to the resources they need.

The Office for Students in Transition promise to you:

  • We will provide programs to high school students to have the opportunity to take college courses either in their high schools (College in the School (CITS)) or on own campus (Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)).
  • We will provide programs that assist students with picking courses and introduce them to expectations for college and their major/college (Advisement & Registration (A&R), Bulldog Welcome Week (BWW), Transfer Students and Non-degree/Non-Traditional Student Advising)).
  • We will assist your student in beginning to explore who they are, what they want, who they want to become and how to approach professionals since they are budding professionals now (UMD Seminar).
  • Our Transfer Specialist (Tory White) will assist your transfer student in understanding what transferred, what did not and how to petition to have transfer courses reviewed. Our specialist also arranges activities for transfer students and transfer students can join the Facebook or Twitter feed to get information they need.
  • We will provide opportunities and skill development for our student leaders (Advisement Advisors, Program Interns, Rockstars, UMD Seminar Teaching Assistants, Front Desk Staff, Mentors, SIT Web Programmers and Sit Graphic Designers).
  • We will provide support and resources to students in crisis or who just need to connect with someone.

Lastly, if your student applies to graduate but then for some reason does not, SIT will reach out to students to assist them in finishing their degree.

Please watch the following video and listen to Vince Repesh give some great advice on Supporting Your College Student.

Sincerely, The Staff for Office for Students in Transition

Lisa, Sam, Tory, Suzan, Nancy, Barb and Jen