Information for School Districts

Program Overview

The School District will:

  • Provide the UMD approved curriculum, instruction, textbooks, and facilities for the courses, and pay all expenses involved in instruction of the courses;
  • Coordinate student records and class rosters with UMD Continuing Education administration;
  • Advise students in the program and coordinate CITS program curriculum and courses with UMD Continuing Education administration; and
  • Agree to partner with UMD CITS for academic year 2013/2014;
  • Agree to perform within the requirements of the Minnesota Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, in handling all data relative to this agreement;
  • CITS courses offered in the district may be amended and/or expanded in each succeeding year


Participating high schools and districts are responsible for the following costs associated with CITS:

Student Participation Forms

  • School District personnel submit Student Participation Forms (SPFs) in June and January each year. Executive secretaries, guidance counselors and MARSS coordinators gather required demographic information for individual students wanting to enroll in the UMD CITS program. SPFs are emailed to CITS program staff. This information is required to create student records for qualified high school students in the UMD CITS program.


  • School districts are billed directly for students registered as of the end of the eighth week of the semester.

Teacher Stipend for Summer Workshops

  • UMD offers summer teacher workshops for CITS teachers. Materials are provided to CITS teachers. During the workshops, CITS teachers and University faculty mentors review curriculum, grading rubrics, discuss new research findings, explore content area in depth, and evaluate new classroom resources. These workshops are essential to maintaining the critical link between the high schools and the University of Minnesota Duluth for ensuring the quality and integrity of the CITS program. Districts are requested to compensate CITS teachers for their workshop time.

Transportation for Campus Visit

  • School districts provide transportation for CITS students and teachers to visit the UMD campus at least once per semester to receive customized training, to conduct scholarly research, to observe in a regular UMD class, and to attend special events.

Textbook Purchase

  • Faculty mentors approve textbook selection. CITS courses use the same or equivalent college-level textbooks used in UMD campus courses.

Class Size Limits

  • High Schools determine their enrollment limits for each course; however, UMD recommends classes not exceed 35 students. In addition, UMD recommends WRIT 1120 College Writing, CSt 1010 Romanticism and Revolutions classes not exceed 25 students. Foreign language classes should be limited to 30 students.

Class Rosters

  • School personnel provide a list of students to enroll in each of the CITS classes they offer.