Do I have to attend Bulldog Welcome Week?

Yes, Bulldog Welcome Week is a mandatory program for ALL incoming first year students. Move-in for students living on campus will begin on August 29. All students, including commuter and off-campus freshman, must attend the remainder of the Bulldog Welcome Week, August 29 - September 2. On Friday, the first required event of the day is your Rock Group meeting at 11:00 am. (Sometimes students with PSEO credits or College in the Schools credits ask if they are also required to attend. The answer is 'yes'. Students with PSEO credits and College in the Schools credits are still considered new first year students.) If you are considering skipping out on the mandatory events, we encourage you to carefully consider the consequences of missing Bulldog Welcome Week.

What are Rock Groups? What are Rockstars?

Each new student will be assigned to a Rock Group. Rock Groups consist of 15-18 new students, led by a returning UMD student leader (Rock stars). Rock Groups are your foundation or home base for the weekend. In these groups you will get to know other new students, share meals, explore campus and Duluth, and have a place to ask questions or address concerns.

We chose the name "rock group" and "rock stars" because, first, these groups and relationships are the foundational "rock" of the weekend for new students. Second, the language symbolizes the beautiful rocky shores of Lake Superior and the great starry skies of the North Woods. And last, but certainly not least, it's awesome!

How do I know which Rock Group I am in?

You will be assigned a Rock Group after you register for your workshops. You will be signing up for workshops online by mid August. (Please watch your UMD email for instructions!).You will receive your Rock Group information when you check-in during move-in or for commuter students, on August 30 at the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Welcome.

Can I move into on-campus housing before or after Bulldog Welcome Week?

New students living on campus are welcome to move-in on Thursday, August 29 from 9:00-4:30. We strongly encourage new students to move in during this time so that they have time to settle in before all the activities and events of Bulldog Welcome Week begin.

Do I need a dining plan to eat at the Dining Center during Bulldog Welcome Week?

Lunch and dinner will be provided for all new students during Bulldog Welcome Week, including lunch on Monday, September 2. Regular meal plans will begin with dinner on Monday, September 2. Only students with breakfast in their specific dining plan have access to the Dining Center for breakfast. Students living in the apartments on campus are advised to stock their apartments with breakfast food or plan on purchasing breakfast at the Food Court or in the Dining Center. For more information on Dining Center plans and the Food Court please visit

What are the commuter and off-campus students, and am I considered one?

Commuter and off-campus students are students who do not live in on-campus residence halls, apartments, or suites. Commuter and off-campus students must travel to and from campus using their own means of transportation. Commuter and off-campus first year students who are renting or leasing an apartment or house are asked to be ready and moved in before Friday, August 30, the beginning of Bulldog Welcome Week.

Where do I park if I am a commuter or off-campus student?

Commuter and off-campus students may park in Maroon Lots from Thursday, August 29 through Monday, September 2 for Bulldog Welcome Week without having a permit. There is no overnight parking allowed in the Maroon Lots. Gold lots and all parking meters will be enforced during Bulldog Welcome Week and violations will results in parking tickets (please note that these are real parking tickets and must be paid to the City of Duluth).

The Maroon Lots will start permit enforcement on Tuesday, September 3 in the morning. For morning information about parking and a map of parking lots please visit UMD's parking site at

What if I am admitted into one college, but plan to enroll in another?

The college that is listed on your confirmation sheet will be the college you attend for the College Welcome during Bulldog Welcome Week. Please attend the college that you are enrolled in. Please contact your student affairs office for more information about changing colleges during the fall semester.

Are workshops required and, if so, what are workshops?

You have the opportunity to choose three workshops to attend during Bulldog Welcome Week that engage your interests or concerns. There will be workshops offered in a wide variety of topics that will engage students in learning about UMD, achieving academic success, exploring the surrounding community, and making healthy decisions. Topics include getting involved in civic engagement, tackling test anxiety, doing well in college math courses, becoming a campus leader, getting a job on campus, and figuring out your college finances and financial aid, just to name a few. You must attend two workshops of your choice. Each workshop is one-hour in length.

Students will register for workshops of their choice in early August. Watch your UMD email for instructions!

Are evening activities required?

The evening activities are going to be a lot of fun! All required activities will be bolded on the schedule. Although all events will not be required, we strongly recommend that you participate in as many activities as possible throughout the program. It is through these activities that you will meet other new students, current UMD students, and you will get a great sense of the many kinds of activities available for students during the year. See the schedule for information on what is required and more evening activities that may interest you.

How do I become a Student Leader, and what are the roles of a Student Leader?

Students have a positive and enjoyable experience while attending Bulldog Welcome Week. If you are a current UMD student and are interested in being a Bulldog Welcome Week student leader (RockStar) for Bulldog Welcome Week 2013, contact the First Year Experience Office and Students in Transition. We are currently accepting applications to our wait list. The role of the RockStars is to help assist Bulldog Welcome Week event coordinators, to serve as group facilitators, to answer students' questions, and to act as peer role models.

If you are interested in becoming a RockStar, please contact the Office for Students in Transition ( or our Orientation Programs Coordinator; Jen Doebler (, 42 Solon Campus Center; 218-726-6393.

Who do I contact if I want to change my classes?

You can add or change classes online at or contact your student affairs office. The numbers are as follows.

CEHSP (120 Boh)
(218) 726-7156
CLA (310 Kplz)
(218) 726-8180
(218) 726-6594
SCSE (140 Engr)
(218) 726-7585
SFA (5-25 MonH)
(218) 726-7261 or (218) 726-8436