Bulldog Welcome Week: Tuesday, August 25 - Saturday, August 29, 2015

Incoming first year students are required to attend Bulldog Welcome Week events.

To view information, schedule and signup for workshops - download the Bulldog Welcome Week 2015 app

Tuesday, August 25th

  • Housing & Residence Life Move-in from 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Check-in for BWW - 8:30am - 7:00pm in the Ballroom
  • Bulldog Preview BBQ - 5:00pm - 7:00pm in the James S. Malosky Stadium. Reserve your Tickets NOW
  • Incoming students eat for free! Incoming student ticket must be reserved in advance and must be registered with your UMD Student ID. Each incoming student is allowed one (1) guest to attend for free; guest ticket must also be reserved in advance. All additional tickets are $8.00. Please order all tickets together in ONE order; again, an incoming student ID is required. There are no refunds available for this event.

Note: Students will pick up tickets in Kirby Ballroom during Bulldog Welcome Week check-in. Tickets will not be mailed.

Wednesday, August 26 - Saturday, August 29

  • RockGroup meetings
  • Mandatory Events (see schedule)
  • Social Events (see schedule)

What to Expect

Bulldog Welcome Week is a great way to dive into your UMD experience! During the long weekend, you will:

  • become more familiar with UMD's academic expectations
  • make many new friends including other new students and current UMD student leaders
  • meet staff and faculty
  • learn some tips for keeping on top of your finances during college
  • connect with student organizations, campus activities and ways to get involved
  • get to know the campus and campus resources
  • explore the city of Duluth
  • get connected to UMD!

More great activities for all students will continue through August 31- September 5. For more information please visit the Kirby Student Center website.

Event Highlights

Chancellor’s Welcome and Convocation

During the Chancellor’s Welcome and Convocation incoming students will get a chance to hear from our Chancellor Lendley Black, who will share his thoughts about becoming a member of UMD's scholarly and social community.

Pep Rally

Following the Chancellor’s Welcome and Convocation, our new Bulldogs will get a chance to join the fun and participate in a rousing introduction to our outstanding student athletes and the UMD marching band! There will be pom poms, facepaint, prizes, and more to ensure a exciting good time!

Bulldog Scramble

A frenzy of fun activity. One of our most popular events, the Bulldog Scramble is the ultimate icebreaker. We get all the incoming students out on the football field and set them up to get to know a ton of other people. There will be a lot running around, high energy rock paper scissor battles, and more fun than should be allowed in such a small stadium. Be prepared with proper shoes and a friendly attitude. It will be worth every moment of your time.

Stay Safe

Stay Safe is UMD’s presentation that informs students on how they can work with pre-standing resources to help prevent and deal with issues that plague college campuses all across the United States. Run by members of UMD staff and community partners, students will hear the information directly from people they will deal with if a crisis arises regarding alcohol and safety, sexual assault, bystander awareness, active shooters, and common-sense defense.

Live Like a Student

Live Like a Student, run by UMD’s Financial Literacy Educator Niki Pechinski, is a program that helps new students find ways to manage their finances and learn about credit and student expenses while attending UMD. With prizes and information to give away en mass, it is a can’t miss event.

Duluth Rocks

Students choose to come to UMD for a number of reasons. We know that one of the big draws to UMD is the incredible natural resources of Lake Superior and the North Woods, not to mention the terrific town of Duluth. So, during Duluth Rocks students are given the opportunity to explore the surrounding community and get a feeling for Duluth. Students will also be able to join in various activities around the campus that will help them to connect to UMD and the wider community. Areas open to visits include Canal Park, Glensheen Mansion, Lake Superior Zoo, and nature areas in walking distance of the UMD campus.


Think Bingo, but with a UMD twist! We have a ton of prizes donated by local businesses and our campus partners to give away and a bingo card that is specifically designed to help familiarize students with the UMD campus. So, be sure to stop by on Sunday, August 31st to meet the Bulldog Welcome Week Coordinators and try your hand at winning some free stuff.

RockGroup Meetings

During Welcome Week, students are required to attend a variety of RockGroup Meetings. RockGroups are our orientation groups, and they are designed to connect new incoming students with existing UMD attendees, who have displayed an extensive knowledge of and passion for our campus. They will help you find important resources on campus, learn about what UMD has to offer, facilitate interactions with other students, and be a point of contact for you throughout your transition into UMD.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, from the Bottom of our Hearts!

The Office for Students in Transition wants to thank all of our wonderful community and campus sponsors. We are both proud and honored to work with people who love our UMD students as much as we do!

Breakfast is Served

Cub Foods is sponsoring the BWW Saturday Breakfast

    Cub Foods sponors the Saturday August 29th, Continental Breakfast for the incoming UMD students with morning delights like bagels, donut holes, juice and more! Check out Cub's Mobile App for coupons, sales, and additional information! Visit Cub Foods online or in store at Stone Ridge Shopping Center, 615 W Central Entrance, Duluth, MN 55811 (218) 727-0272.

    Location: 42 Solon Campus Center

Concert Venue

Tavern on the Hill

    Foods, beverages, atmosphere, music, and so much more to explore at The Tavern on the Hill! Just a quick jaunt across campus near the BlueStone Complex. Before you head over, check out their menu and music roster at

    Location:1102 Woodland Ave, Duluth, MN 55812 1102

Block Party and MC Open House

Office of Cultural Diversity

    Looking for a place to have fun and meet new friends? The MC brings together people in a way that makes everyone feel included with events held by the different student organizations throughout the school year. Check out the schedule at

    Location: 270 Kirby Student Center

Poker Tournament

UMD Student Assocation

    Looking for a place to have fun and meet new friends? The MC brings together people in a way that makes everyone feel included with events held by the different student organizations throughout the school year. Check out the schedule at

    Location: Rafters - 3rd floor Kirby

Game On!

Kirby Student Board

    Starting now and continuing throughout the year, KPB hosts multiple student events on campus for students. For their first appearance to incoming students they will be hosting the Game On! Event, Friday August 28th! Check out their schedule for upcoming events at

    Location: Kirby Student Center Lounge and the Rafters - 3rd floor Kirby

DJ Trivia!

DJ Trivia

    Make teams, test your knowledge, win some prizes, and have a good time with DJ Trivia! Visit DJ Trivia

    Location:Kirby Lounge

Prizes for Champbingo

    It's like BINGO but with CHAMP

    Location: Ballroom - 3rd floor Kirby

    • Bath and Body
    • Bed, Bath, and Beyond
    • Bluestone Management
    • Box Office
    • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Canal Park Brewery
    • Chilly Billy's
    • Erbert's and Gerbert's
    • Fitgers
    • Full Moon
    • Grandma's
    • Grizzly's
    • I *Heart* Duluth
    • J Skylark
    • Maurices
    • Minnesota Gifts
    • Pam's Hallmark
    • Perk Place
    • Regis
    • Spencer's
    • Tetrah Wellness
    • Ulta
    • Vitta Pizza
    • Waxing the City