Spring 2017 - Welcome UMD Parents or Family Members!

Dear Parents or Family Members

Congratulations on your student being admitted to UMD! We know choosing a college is not always an easy process and deciding on a college involves many factors, including feeling a personal and academic connection. We are excited UMD is a university that you and your student are considering and we will be honored if you join our community.

As parents or family members, your role is essential in ensuring a positive transition or transfer into UMD. As such, it is important that you are familiar with UMD's lingo and what next steps your student will need to complete to become one of the newest members of the UMD Bulldog pack.

UMD Orientation Programs: Some colleges use the term Orientation to indicate when incoming students will come to campus to register for their first set of classes. UMD’s Orientation Program includes Advisement & Registration, Welcome Programs, and UMD Seminar courses.

Mandatory Advisement & Registration (A&R): A&R will set your student up for college success because we address the transitional emotions and questions, academic expectations, strategies for social& academic success, campus resources and information about what it means to be a student at UMD. This is the next step to making their UMD college journey a reality.

Goals of Advisement& Registration (A&R):

  • learn what it means to be part of the UMD Bulldog community
  • understand academic requirements
  • discuss academic requirements with college faculty and professional staff
  • get U Card
  • engage with other students

Invitation to Register for an A&R session: Invitations to your student will be sent to the address provided on the Admissions Application. Invitations go out weekly, so make sure your student watches the mailbox.

The invitation asks students to (1) initiate their Internet account, (2) activate their UMD google email account, (3) register for an Advisement & Registration date and (4) pay the $80 non-refundable UMD confirmation fee. Once everything is complete, an email confirmation will be sent to your student's UMD email account with the day/time of their session. To view the step by step instructions, please go to http://www.d.umn.edu/sit/advisement-registration/incoming/ and click on the semester your student starts at UMD.

A&R session dates: dates will vary based on the academic unit your student is enrolled in. In fact, the only date options a student will see when they login to are open dates for their collegiate unit. If they want to change their major or college before they arrive to register, it is important that we assist them properly, so they have the best advising experience possible. Please have them contact our office -218-726-6393.

A&R $80 non-refundable fee: this fee serves as a UMD enrollment confirmation fee (let’s UMD know you plan to come to UMD) and locks in your student’s orientation date. Once an A&R date is chosen and the pays the fee (non-refundable), an email confirmation will be sent to the students’ UMD email account. If your student registers for a date but does not pay the fee, they could lose their spot for that day.

What does this fee pay for? this $80 fee goes towards all expenses (room rental, food, invitations, printing, publications, student advisors, etc.) for our Orientation& Transitional Programming: Advisement & Registration, Bulldog Welcome Week, Transfer Student Welcome, Winter Welcome, and Transfer student Programming.

Proxy Appointments: are reserved for very special circumstances (military, health issue, rare opportunity) ONLY and are usually conducted over the phone after in-person A&R dates are over. If you have a special circumstance that will prevent you from attending A&R, please contact our office so we can assist you. 218-726-6393.

Prep Modules (Fall semester start only): additional Prep for Advisement & Registration will be available beginning spring 2017. Your student will receive an email in their UMD email account for each of the modules as they launch.

What to Bring to A&R: students must bring their UMD internet ID (sometimes referred to as UserId) and password, a driver’s license (for UCard), a laptop or tablet for registration (if they have one).

General Schedule of the A&R day: please go to: http://www.d.umn.edu/sit/advisement-registration/incoming/ and click on the semester your student is starting UMD to view the schedule for the A&R day. The schedule for spring will be available October 31, 2016. The fall schedule will be available March 2017.

Parent and Family Program: You are invited to attend the Parent & Family Program presented by the Division for Student Life. The program provides parents and families information about UMD. Some topics that may be discussed are housing, registration, health services, career services and student transition issues and solutions. You will begin the A&R program with your student to hear an overview of the day, a student success discussion and the college welcome, then your student will be escorted to their college to begin the registration process and parents and families are encouraged to attend the Parent Program. You will be given a schedule for the program at check-in.

    Fostering Autonomy: for parents and families of a new to college incoming student, we understand that this can be a scary step, but it is important that students register for classes on their own with the guidance of both their academic and peer advisors, and that they start making their own choices about their academic futures.
    Developing confidence and improving problem-solving and communication skills all contribute in fostering autonomy within your student.

Spring Winter Welcome - January 09, 2017: your student is required to attend an orientation program for all incoming Spring students, a great half-day program, called Winter Welcome. Winter Welcome is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, explore campus, and learn about UMD’s resources.

Fall Bulldog Welcome Week (BWW) - August 22 – 29, 2017: Move in Day: August 22, 2017. BWW is required for all new first-year college students (including those coming in with PSEO or College in the Schools credit). More information will be sent to your student mid-summer once they have completed an A&R session.

Please plan family vacations, work schedules, and other activities early so your student will be able to participate in BWW on August 22.

Fall Transfer Student Welcome: transfer students are also required to attend a Welcome program. Students can opt-in to participate in the entire Bulldog Welcome Week program or attend the Transfer Student Welcome. More information will be sent to your student mid-summer once they have completed an A&R session.

Remind: your student to sign up and pay for an A&R date ASAP, complete the requested tasks before arriving at A&R, bring the required items to A&R, check UMD email frequently for any updates, and participate in either Winter Welcome, BWW or Transfer Bulldog Welcome (based on semester start date and student type).

Lastly, on behalf of the staff in the Office for Students in Transition, we look forward to meeting your student during A&R and assisting them throughout their college journey. Go Dogs!


Emily Borra, Coordinator for Advisement & Registration, New Student & First Generation Initiatives

Dauli Menze, Coordinator for Transfer Student Services

Phone Number: 218.726.6393. Email:sit-info@d.umn.edu

"The Office for Students in Transition supports students in defining their own success and in developing a course of action to achieve it."

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