Fall 2016

Congratulations! We are thrilled you have been admitted to UMD and we are excited to have you come to campus and register for your first semester of UMD Classes.

Advisement and Registration is your first step to becoming a full-fledged member of the UMD Bulldog pack and is mandatory for all students. Invitations to sign up for summer Advisement & Registration for Fall 2016 began going out to admitted students the week of December 7, 2015, so check your mailbox for the Gold envelope. Invitations will continue to go out weekly.

Attention International Students:

You will NOT use this process to schedule a date to register for your fall classes. The International Student Service Office will contact you with the information that is appropriate to your program.

Steps to Register for an A&R Date

When you receive your Gold envelope, follow the directions in your invitation for how to sign up for your Advisement & Registration date. If you have have been admitted to UMD and have NOT received an invitation, please contact our office ASAP at 218-726-6393 or sit-info@d.umn.edu.

First, Setting up your UMD Accounts

  1. Initiate your UMD account using the Student ID found in your invitation: https://www.umn.edu/initiate. You will need your internet ID and password you created to activate your email account
  2. Activate your University Email Account by logging in at MyU and click on the email button. You will be sent to a Google Account Options page.You will need to:
    • Check the three boxes to accept the terms and conditions for using Google at the University
    • Select the appropriate campus where you will be attending school - Duluth
    • Submit the form
    • Wait between 5 & 30 minutes for Google to create your email account (this is usually almost instantaneous, but can take up to the 30 minutes)
Once you opt into your UMD Gmail account, your account will be activated, and you will be able to access your email shortly. If you do not activate your email account, you will not receive emails that contain information about A&R.

Note: If you took courses at the U of M (as a previous college student or as a PSEO student or through a College in the Schools program), you will already have initiated your account and activated your UMD email and will not need to do this step again. However, if you have forgotten your U of M internet id (usually the first letters of your last name followed by numbers) or your password, you will need to contact our ITSS helpdesk at 218-726-8847 to get a temporary password. You should go in and change your password immediately as the temporary password will expire within a day. Keep your new password handy to log in to the VZO system.

Second, log in to VisualZen (VZO) z.umn.edu/arsignin with your UMD internet ID/password. On the Tasklist, click on Complete My Advisement & Registration Reservation. This will guide you through the necessary steps you need to complete, including reserving an A&R date and paying the non-refundable $80 confirmation fee.

Note: We cannot secure your selected date until payment is received; if we cannot accommodate your first choice selection, you will be prompted to choose another available date from within the Visualzen system. If there are no other dates available contact our office so we may resolve the problem.

Once payment is received. You will get two separate confirmation emails sent to your UMD email account:

  • One, will state your official A&R date and time
  • and
  • The second one will confirm that the payment transaction was successful

Third, at the bottom of your invitation is a tear off card. Write your A&R date on your invitation and place it somewhere convenient so you can keep track of the date you signed up for and your student ID.

Forth, check your UMD email account regularly between now and your A&R date to receive updates, information and A&R next steps (where to arrive, park, UCard, etc...).

Fifth, continue to monitor your Visualzen account until all items on your tasklist have been completed. These items include: filling out the UCard's express option, submitting an immunization form (if applicible).

And, that is it! You are ready to attend Advisement and Registration; step one is done!

Did you know...

93% who attend A&R feel positive about decision to attend UMD

Fall 2016 A&R Schedule

Check-in for the majority of A& R days is located in front of Montague Hall 70 & 80. Student advisors will greet you in thePay Lot on University Drive (off W. St. Marie Street) and will help guide you to the check-in location.

Check-in for the week of 6/20/2016 - 6/24/2016 will be located in front of Life Science 175 & 185. Student advisors will greet you in the Pay Lot on University Drive (off W. St. Marie Street) and will help guide you to the check-in location.

9:15am-9:40am: Check-in Opens
  • Coffee, juice and a light breakfast will be available
9:45am: Program Begins
  • 9:45am-10:15am: University Welcome, Office for Students in Transition (SIT) (Students & Families attend)
  • 10:20am-10:5am: College Welcome (Students & Families attend)
  • 11:00am-11:30am: Lunch: meet student leaders and other new students (Students only)
    • 11:00am: Parents attend the Parent Program for the remainder of the day
  • 11:30am-12:00pm: Collegiate Unit Advising Discussion (Students only)
  • 12:00pm-2:00pm: Students advised by their colleges (Students only)
    • Faculty, Professional Staff and Student Advisors are on hand to assist students in registering for classes for their major.
  • 2:00pm-3:00pm: Students go get their U Card (Students only)

Things to Note

  • You will need your your UMD internet ID and password. Remember to bring a photo ID/driver’s license, and a laptop computer or ipad (if you have one available to you).
  • Some students will finish before the 2:00pm end time; it depends on the availability of advisors and each student’s unique circumstances. Please have a plan for how you will contact those you brought with you, if anyone, should this instance arise.

Questions or confused? Call us at 218-726-6393. We will be happy to guide you through any step of the process!

For the complete list of what else you need to have done before settling into your new life here at UMD, visit the Next Steps page.