Fill in the _______. Fill in the _______.

What to expect this Summer

YOU MADE IT! Congrats!! You’ve survived your first/another year of college! Finals are over and Summer vacation is finally upon us!

So here’s what will happen to this blog…

As Summer begins we here at “Fill in the ____.” are going to begin switching gears with blog topics geared towards incoming students. However, this doesn’t mean they will be any less entertaining to you, and may contain useful information for current students! 

We will be covering topics such as “What to expect at Advisement & Registration (A&R)”, “Surviving family reunions as a college student”, “Scholarships” and much more! Also, as always you can ask us questions or suggest topics you’d like to see covered by clicking here.

Don’t worry the videos will still be happening…

As has always been, Luke will be providing videos for the vlog/video portion of “Fill in the ____.” every Tuesday.

Be sure to check the Office for Students in Transition YouTube page here for the new videos and re-watch/re-enjoy the old ones!

Happy Summer Everyone!