Fill in the _______. Fill in the _______.

We talked about mental, now it’s time to get physical

A couple of weeks ago we talked about your mental health. This week we’re focusing on your physical health!

The season of sickness is approaching…

The weather is getting colder and people are starting to get sick! Though it’s not always completely avoidable, there’s plenty you can do to stay healthy! They may seem obvious, but can work wonders when staying healthy!

1. Wash your hands regularly

Washing your hands regularly is the best way to stop the spread of germs.

2. Cover your cough/sneeze

If you find yourself sick, don’t spread your germs! Cover your cough/sneeze! (Side note: if you’ve never seen the breakfast club, watch it asap! #classic)

3. Keep your living space clean

Whether you live in a dorm, apartment or house, it’s important to keep your house clean. A clean house means less germs floating around. Less germs floating around means less chance of getting sick.

4. Get your flu shot

Those of you who hate getting shots, I’m right there with you! However, the only thing worse than shots is getting the flu and trying stay caught up with school while being sick. Better to avoid the flu at all costs!

5. Eat healthy

I know McDonalds has a dollar menu, Dominos has three pizzas for $5 each and Applebees has half-off apps during late night. And all of those things are totally fine in small doses! However, it’s important to eat healthy. If you make sure you’re getting all your vitamins through your diet, there’s less of a chance of you getting sick. And if you do get sick, your immune system will be strong and ready to fight it off quickly!

If you do find yourself getting sick and you don’t think it’s just every day cold, make an appointment to be seen at Health Services asap! You can find Health Services contact information on their website: http://www.d.umn.edu/hlthserv/.

Physical health isn’t just avoiding sickness…

Another important aspect of your physical health is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes weight management and regular exercise.

This is especially true when the seasons change and gets a little more difficult to get outside and exercise because of the frigid temps.

Keep in mind going outside isn’t your only option! As a full-time UMD student you get free access to the fitness/gym facilities with your U-Card. The gym on campus also offers a wide variety of fitness classes to students such as yoga, spinning and much more!

Eating healthy is another large aspect to your physical health. I know when you have a meal plan on campus it’s so easy to get ice cream with every meal, but every day isn’t the best idea. Just be aware of what/how much you are taking while at the dining center. That doesn’t mean you have to cut out the junk food all together, just enjoy it in moderation.

Stay healthy Bulldogs!