Jacob Looking Past the Tights & Capes

We Need More Jim Gordon's

For the past few weeks I have been watching Fox’s Gotham. It tells the story of Gotham before Batman. All the characters are there: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Jim Gordon, all of them. The show is fantastic, seriously check it out! But beyond the mere greatness of this show, that is not all I want to talk about with it. What I really want to talk about is what Gotham can teach us about life.

Now I know we can argue that it is just a show, that Gotham City will be Gotham City, that where we live is nothing like that. That all may be true. But if we look deeper, we can see that Gotham is us. Jim Gordon, the main protagonist, is a straight shooting guy. He does what he thinks is right, even if it does not follow the rules set by higher ups. He fights for the little guy and to seek the truth. While he does all of this, there are COUNTLESS factors who are trying to corrupt Gotham and take what they want. There are those who are seeking power, others who are seeking money, and some who are just seeking control for their own personal gain. All of these factors try to corrupt Jim and turn him from the path he is one: to make Gotham a better place. Now I am not saying he is perfect. Jim Gordon definitely screws up and makes mistakes along the way, but what is important is that he tries to make things better.

Throughout your college career and after you may face similar difficulties. There may be those who are making decisions to better themselves, to make more money even if it hurts those around them. You have the option to either stand aside, or join them, and let them keep on taking from everyone for themselves, or you can stand up for what is right. Of course, it may not be that simple. The world is not black and white. There are no purely evil people. The best you can do is follow your conscience and morals and hope they lead you to the right place. But what I do know is this: those who stand up against the tyrants and the business moguls who are in the business for themselves, those who say “enough is enough”, though not perfect, are the ones who are making this world a better place. We need more Jim Gordon’s. Will you be one of them?