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Registration Tutorial

  1. Review and carry out the steps in UMD's Registration Checklist to ensure that you are prepared and able to complete the registration process each semester.
    Once you have created your tentative schedule, met with your faculty advisor, and obtained any necessary permission numbers, you can register at your scheduled registration date and time (or later).
  2. Sign onto the Registration website
  3. Click on "Add or Change Classes"
  4. Select the appropriate term you are registering for from the drop-down box
  5. Enter the class number (call number)
  6. Select grading option and number of credits(if available for variable credit)
  7. Enter permission numbers, if needed, for each class
  8. Confirm that this really is a class that you want
    Are you trying to register for classes that overlap? To register for courses that overlap, you must submit a Permission to Override Time Conflict, signed by instructors of both courses, to your college Advising & Academic Services office (forms for SFA students are available in your departmental office or the Advising & Academic Services office).
  9. Repeat these steps for each class for which you want to register
  10. View or print your Enrollment Summary. You may Customize Your Enrollment Summary using the select boxes. Click "submit" when finished.
    If you are printing from one of the labs on campus, you will see the additional print screens come up that send this image to the printer in those locations.
  11. Click "done" to go back to the registration home page

That's it! The fee assessment portion of registration is separate from the enrollment into courses. You will receive a bill from Student Accounts Receivable via email (not postal mail). Email is the official means of communication at the University. Please be sure to check your UMD account often for emails from the Office of Financial Aid, professors or Advising & Academic Services professionals.

Review UMD's Billing Statement and Policy Guidelines to understand the payment process. From that web page you can also choose to complete the SIRA (Student Information Release Authorization) form that will authorize your parent or other third party to access information on grades, billing, tuition and fees assessments, and financial aid.

Want or need to make changes to your course schedule? Just click on the link to Add or Change Classes as in Step 3 and follow the steps listed above.

Before you leave the website and your work station, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Close any open registration screens
  • Log out of your account validation screen (REMEMBER to do this so the next person on that machine doesn't get into the system using your ID and password.)
  • Close your browser

Get your password reset

Visit the Student Assistance Center, 21 Solon Campus Center, (218) 726-8000.

Call the ITSS Help Desk at (218) 726-8847. After hours, visit the Library Circulation Desk.

Get help with advising or planning your schedule

Visit your faculty advisor or SFA's Academic Advisor, Stacy Crawford (; 218-726-8436; 111 MonH).

Get help registering

Visit the Student Assistance Center, 21 Solon Campus Center, (218) 726-8000 or

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