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Featured UROP Projects

UMD UROP profiles in Science and Engineering

2010 Projects

Catherine's research "Amyloid Precursor Protein is Required for Convergent Extension Movements of Notochord Cells"

"Welcome to the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Jon's research "Chi-Square Analysis of Mendellan Inheritance of Four Genes"

Samantha's research "Chi-Square Analysis in Transgenic GloFish"

Matthew's research "Intelligent Wallet"

2009 Projects

Yuan LiYuan's research "Understanding the Reduction Potential of Azurin and Type 1 Copper Protiens"

About the UROP program, Yuan says: "Doing research is a chance that applies your own "class learned" knowledge into the real world."

FibersAlanna's research of amphiboles — minerals that can crystallize in the ‘fibrous’ habit and potentially create both environmental and health concerns

About the UROP program, Alanna says: "This research experience has been incredibly interesting to me. I have learned an incredible amount of information."

Matt Stuart

Matt's research of the microbial life in Lake Superior that partake in the nitrogen cycle

About the UROP program, Matt says: "This project was single-handedly the most educational experience of my undergraduate academic career. It taught the broad research rationale and specific laboratory techniques necessary of scientific discovery."


Nilushi's research into the design and synthesis of potent and selective T. gondii inhibitors that may lead to new medications for the prevention and treatment of schizophrenia

About the UROP program, Nilushi says: "UROP has given me the opportunity to pursue my interests and I have also learnt many different techniques and methods, in chemistry, biochemistry and biology."

SCSE UROP Coordinator

Penny Morton, Assistant Dean
229 Heller Hall
(218) 726-7962

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