Open/Lap Swim

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Students participating in open swim.


Everybody is welcome!! Bring the whole family for an excellent time to play!

• Flotation aids/ pool toys are allowed in shallow end of pool with parent in water.
• Participants must be at least 6 years old, over 4 feet tall, or accompanied by an adult at all times.
• A swim test is required for all youth wanting to swim in the deep end of pool.

Facility membership includes pool fees, however non-members need a punch card during lap or open swim.
The Punch Card is good for 10 individual visits.
Youth (16 & under) & Seniors (55 & up): $30
Adults: $40
One Time Pass Card
Adult $4 Youth
Senior & Special Needs $3

Swimming Punch Cards are available for purchase during normal business hours in the Main Office (153 SpHC).Punch Cards can be purchased at the RSOP Office / 153 SpHc, Mon-Fri, 8-4pm
No cash will be accepted at the pool.

Lap Swim

There are 6 lap lanes that are provided with orange cones designated speed level for each lane:
Lane 1 - Easy
Lane 2 - Medium
Lane 3 - Fast
Lane 4 - Very Fast
Lane 5 - Medium
Lane 6 - Easy

Lap Swimming Etiquette

All lanes circle counter clockwise. The black center-line on the bottom of the pool is always on your left. All lanes are marked with orange cones, which indicate lane speed. Please make sure you seed yourself in the appropriate lane for your ability level. Be aware of your speed. If you are being passed regularly, move to a slower lane. If you are passing others regularly, move to a faster lane. Try to avoid swimming side by side.