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NOTICE! If you participate in Fit Choices (reimbursement of membership), this important information pertains to YOU.

The vendor who processed reimbursements has left the business. We have contracted with a new company, but in order for you to continue your participation and receive reimbursement YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR MEMBER INFORMATION with the new vendor. You will be receiving an email that includes the necessary steps. If you prefer, you can find a handout that provides the same information at the RSOP Welcome Desk. You will NOT receive any further reimbursement until you re-enroll, or process a new enrollment. Click on the NIHCA Rewards link, and follow the instructions to verify your membership or sign-up for the first time.


What is Fit Choices?

Recreational Sports Outdoor Program members enrolled in the Fitness Rewards program are eligible to receive a monthly reimbursement for membership fees. The amount of your reimbursement is prorated based on the total cost of your membership.  The new UPlan Fit Choices program, offered through the Office of Human Resources, rewards members for using the University recreational and fitness facilities at least 8 times per month, on 8 separate days. Currently, membership fees (Facility Pass) and Employee Group Strength Express are the only reimbursable costs.

Reimbursement Process

UPlan Fit Choices will be directly deposited (via and electronic funds transfer) into qualifying members’ personal checking or savings accounts.  There will be a two month delay between the month during which a member exercises and the month in which he or she receives the reward.  For example, members completing the required number of visits in February will have their participation validated in March and will have their accounts credited in late March or early April.  If a member fails to visit eight times during a month, they will not qualify for reimbursement for that period, but will remain eligible in following months. For 2016 - 2017, the monthly reimbursement will be $17 which is based on the prorated monthly cost of your annual pass..


To be eligible for the Fit Choices program at Recreational Sports Outdoor Program, you must:

  • Hold a current RSOP employee, spouse/domestic partner or dependent (must be 18 or over) membership AND
  • Be enrolled in a UPlan medical health program