Indoor Climbing Walls

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Inland Wall

Tucked on the far side of the ice rink/tennis courts, the inland wall simulates climbing on actual rock far more closely than most modern climbing walls. Realistic flakes, ledges, cracks will take you to the top of this historically significant climbing wall. The bouldering cave attached to the Inland Wall rounds out a spectacular array of possibilities for climbing on campus at UMD.

North Shore Climbers Club meets from 6-9pm on Tuesdays. The inland wall can be opened during regular climbing hours by request.

North Shore Wall

The North Shore Wall is featured prominently in the Sports and Health Center. Extending two stories into a skylight, the wall is fully sport-lead capable. Equipped with a simulated ice climbing route, multiple crack systems, a rappel ledge and a great bouldering area, the North Shore Wall offers a wide variety of climbing options. We collect a wide variety of climbing tools for participants to grow their climbing knowledge and experience. Ask us for the latest!

Spring Semester Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 4:00-8:00pm
Friday/Saturday: 3:00-5:45pm  

Please view the Google calendar on our FACILITIES page for hour changes and break hours.

All passes and sessions purchased include the use of all necessary climbing equipment for that session.
Session Pass: $3 UMD Students/ $10 Others
5-Punch Pass: $10 UMD Students/ $30 Others
Semester Pass*: $30 UMD Students/ $80 Others
Year Pass: $50 UMD Students/ $150 Others
*Show your Fall semester climbing pass for $5 off your spring semester pass
*Semester pass cost reduced after Spring Break

The climbing walls are subject to closure for trainings, classes and other events. Please call (218) 726-6257 ahead of your trip to check availability. Open hours run from the second week of school through the week before finals. The walls are closed the first week of the semester (January 11-14), spring break (March 3-12), and during finals (May 1-5). Prior to our annual competition, April 8, all climbing walls will have limited availability. The wall closes for the summer on April 30. Only private group reservations are available after that time.

Free Bouldering
Focusing on core strength, balance and coordination, bouldering is a great addition to any work out. Add a challenge to your everyday work out with a bouldering routine. Anyone with a facility or climbing pass may boulder at no additional cost during regular facility hours other than open climbing hours. During open climbing hours you must have a climbing pass to boulder or climb. Please keep your feet below the four-foot high red line.

For information on climbing courses and events please visit our CLIMBING PROGRAM PAGE