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UMD's Precambrian
Field Camp
will be on hiatus
for Summer 2016

The next Precambrian Field Camp will be offered during Summer 2017

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The centerpiece program of the Precambrian Research Center is the sponsorship of a six-week field camp in the picturesque boundary waters area of northeastern Minnesota. The focus of the camp will be training students in bedrock and surficial mapping techniques and field logistics best suited for the Precambrian Canadian Shield and similar geologic terranes. 

The Precambrian Field Camp will be taking a hiatus during Summer 2016. We look forward to offering this unique field camp during summer 2017.

WHY A PRECAMBRIAN FIELD CAMP? A severe shortage of geologists adequately trained in basic field mapping skills, especially in Precambrian shield terranes, is creating a crisis in the resurgent minerals exploration industry.  The Precambrian Research Center at UMD seeks to address this problem by offering a full-time summer field camp focussed exclusively on geologic mapping in the diverse Precambrian terranes of northeastern Minnesota.  While this camp will train students in basic field mapping methods taught in most field camps, this camp will differ from most Rocky Mountain-based camps by having a greater focus on igneous and metamorphic terranes and by introducing students to techniques such as core logging, surficial (glacial) mapping, and geophysical surveying, which are particularly useful in geologic mapping and mineral prospecting in glaciated Precambrian cratons. Students will also be introduced to the unique challenges of the navigating in boreal landscapes of the southern Canadian Shield.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND : This field camp is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors from accredited geology programs in North America. Students interested in pursuing field-based graduate research of Precambrian geology or in seeking entry-level jobs in the minerals exploration industry will particularly benefit from this field camp. Graduate students and professional geologists may attend if space is available.

STAFF: The PRC field camp will be staffed by professional field geologists with extensive experience in mapping Precambrian terranes of the Lake Superior region.

FACILITIES: Students will be housed in dormitories at the University of Minnesota Duluth (1st, 2nd & 6th weeks) and Vermilion Community College (3rd & 4th weeks), plus one week of primitive camping during the capstone mapping project.

COST:  To Be Determined (includes tuition, fees, room, and board. No additional non-resident fees).

SCHOLARSHIPS:  All accepted students will be eligible for a Precambrian field camp scholarship funded by corporate and individual contributions.  Total scholarship amounts will not be known until February, but may be as high as $1000 per student.

CREDITS & PREREQUISITES: The six-week Precambrian field camp is a six semester credit class listed as GEOL4500 (Sec. 2) in the UMD course catalog. Students will be required to have taken a semester of petrology and structural geology.

QUESTIONS? Email: prc@d.umn.edu, or contact:

George Hudak
Precambrian Research Center
University of Minnesota Duluth
Natural Resources Research Institute
5013 Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth, MN 55811

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