Application Procedures and Timelines for

Precambrian Field Camp

Download forms:

Field Camp Application Form
Waiver Form

Early Application Period (December 17 - January 25)

Applications for field camp will be considered on an equal basis from December 17, 2012 until January 25, 2013. After January 25th, applications will be considered on a first come-first serve basis until all 24 available slots are filled. The slots currently available will be updated regularly on the 2013 field camp webpage.

A complete field camp application should include the following:
1) A completed 2-page field camp application form
2) Current transcript of college coursework (need not be original copy)
3) A one-page application letter (see application form)
4) Proof of health insurance and an up-to-date tetanus innoculation (if currently available; see
application form and participant information)
5) A signed waiver form; and
6) A $50 application deposit (Make check out to: University of Minnesota Duluth). If accepted into the program, this deposit will be credited to your room and board fee; otherwise it will be refunded.

Mail the completed application to:

Jim Miller
Precambrian Field Camp
UMD Department of Geological Sciences
229 Heller Hall, 1114 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812

Initial Notice of Acceptance (January 28)

Applicants will be notified by January 28, 2013 by email of their acceptance into the field camp. If the number of qualified applicants exceeds 24, acceptance will be based on strength of academic record, application letter, and references. Those applicants who are not accepted will be refunded their $50 application deposit. Those who are qualified, but do not make the initial cut, can choose to have their application deposit refunded or can be put on a waiting list should a spot become available. Qualified students applying after January 25th will be notified of their acceptance, space permitting, within a week of receiving their applications. Field camp applications will not be accepted after June 21st.

Course Registration (March 15 - June 21)

Along with the notice of acceptance, applicants will be given a class permission number with which they may register for the field camp course (GEOL 4500, sec. 02) online. Registration is through the UMD Continuing Education department ( To begin course registration, go to:

Read the information about payment of Tuition ($2704.62) and Fees ($63.00) and about Billing and Payments. Non-UMD students will be billed in early June and payment must be made in full by about July 3rd. Click on the boxes indicating that you have read and understand the information.

Scroll down to the Student Information section.
Fill in the required * fields on the form (note University ID number does not apply to non-UMD students).  

Scroll down to the Course Information section

  1. Select "Summer" term
  2. Select "Add Course" for Class 1

    Class number –81051
    Grading Basis – A-F
    Grad/Ugrad Credit – Undergrad
    Units – 6
    Subject, Catalog Number, Section – GEOL 4500, Sec. 002
    Class Permission Number - given on class roster sent 3/14/13
    Wait List - click "No"

    Scroll to bottom of page; Click “Submit Form”

NOTE: Although registration for UMD summer classes is possible after March 15, please do not attempt to register until you have been officially notified of acceptance into the camp and have recieved a class permission number.

Upon being successfully registered for the course, students should be contacted by the UMD Continuing Education within two weeks. They will send information about payment procedures and deadlines for tuition and fees and about how to set up a student email account.

Tuition and Fees Payment (July 3rd)

U of MN students who are registered as a degree-seeking student during the 11-12 academic year can register for the field course on-line in the typical fashion. Tuition and fees for the course will be charged to their student accounts. Non-U of MN students will be billed by the UMD Business Office in early June for payment of tuition and fees. Full payment of tuition and fees must be received by July 3rd. If full payment is not received by the due date, a late fee will be assessed (See UMD tuition and fee payment schedule). All students can access information about their accounts via their UMD e-mail account. Tuition and fees costs for the six credit summer field course (GEOL 4500) are listed below.

2012-13 TUITION & FEES per credit cost Subtotals (6 credits)
Tuition (6 credits) 450.77 2704.62
Collegiate Fee   63.00
TOTAL   2767.62

Room and Board Payment (July 7)

On the first day of field camp (July 7), students will be required to submit payment for room and board costs which will total $632.38 ($3400-2767.62). The $50 deposit will be applied to this amount, so that the balance due will be $582.38Payment should be made by check or money order payable to "University of Minnesota Duluth".

It should be pointed out that the actual per student room and board cost for field camp is approximately three times the required payment. The reduced cost is possible thanks to the gift contributions of Precambrian Research Center members which help to subsidize the cost of field camp.

Duluth Residents - Students who have residences in Duluth will be given a discount of $80 from their room and board fees if they choose not to stay in the UMD dormitories during the time that the camp is at UMD.