PRC Annual Reports

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The Precambrian Reseach Center publishes annual reports in early February summarizing the performance, participation, and fiscal accounting of five main PRC programs during the calendar year. Specific aspects of each program that are reported include:

1) Precambrian Field Camp
- Description of curriculum
- Student participants (academic background, career interests)
- Staffing
- Camp acquisitions (field equipment, camping gear, computer and printing hardware)
- Course evaluations
- Budget summary
2) Graduate Research Assistantships and Research Grants
- Bios of current recipients
- Research descriptions
- Funding
3) Professional Workshops and Field Courses
- Description of workshop curriculum
- Supporting materials and publications
- Participants (affiliations)
- Staffing
- Evaluations
- Budget Summary
4) Outreach and Other Activities
- Description of activities
- Staffing and participants

The report gives a full accounting summary of income sources and expenses and will include:

Income Sources
- Tuition and Fees (field camp)
- Registration Fees (workshops)
- Institutional Support (UMD)
- Memberships (corporate and individual)
- Public grants (state and federal)
- Other income sources

- Operational Expenses (field camp, workshops)
- Supplies and Equipment (field camp, office supplies)
- Travel (meetings, conferences, school visits)
- Publications (workshop publications, promotional materials, maps)
- Salaries (PRC staff, contract staff)
- Other expenses (travel support for board of advisors, mailing, photocopies...)