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Powerpoint presentations from the 2011 MMEW held at the Mesabi Range Community and Technical College in Eveleth, MN can be downloaded by clicking on the talk title on the short course schedule below.

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For a copy of the field trip guidebook for the eastern Mesabi Range geology and mineral deposits, click <here>

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2011 MMEW

Short Course Schedule

Keynote Talk:

Mining for Talent in Northeastern Minnesota

Roy Smith and Trent Janezich

Session 1 Minnesota's Geologic Story  
Jim Miller

Ground Water
Scott Alexander

Go West Young Man
Cheryl Sill

Identifying Common Minerals

Nancy Nelson
Session 2

Rock Cycle
Jeff Price

Shrinking Space and Time            
Kate Rosok
Soudan Underground
Scott Alexander
Roadside Geology of Minnesota
Dick Ojakangas
Session 3

Mining Sequence
Jeff Price

Environmental Permitting
Mehgan Blair & Leah Gruhn
Everyday Uses of Minerals
Ken Reid
Careers in Geotechnical Engineering
Carlos Carranza-Torres
Session 4

Metal Potential of Northern MN
George Hudak

Mineland Reclamation
Paul Eger

Oil: From Source to Spill  Dean Moosavi

Sand, Gravel, and Crushed Stone
Steve Kostka

Field Trip Overview

Geology and Mineral Resources of the Central Mesabi Range
Jim Miller


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