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Certificate Program Completion Process

Completion Deadlines:

Submit a Certificate Completion form as soon as you enroll in the final course in the certificate series. Students have 1 year* from the time they complete required coursework to submit the Certificate Completion form.

Students with Federal Student Loans and University administered student loans who submit a Certificate Completion request will need to complete federally mandated financial exit counseling. For more details see Finances – Exit Counseling.

*If the required completion forms have not been submitted after 1 year, students are no longer eligible for the certificate program and must contact the certificate program director. In some cases, additional coursework may be required to meet the requirements of the certificate. Completion of the certificate after 1 year is not guaranteed, but is allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Certificate Completion Application:

Certificate Completion Form

All students are required to notify the university of completion of program requirements. This notification initiates the steps of program and coursework review required to award certificates. You will be notified if there are missing requirements for completion.

Certificate Award Timeline:

Once your Certificate Completion Form is received and all grades are final:

  1. You will be notified by email of your “Certificate Completion” status.
  2. Your certificate will be recorded on your UMD official transcript.
  3. You will receive a University of Minnesota diploma documenting the award of your certificate within 6 -8 weeks.
  4. To insure that you receive your diploma, .
  5. Diplomas are automatically mailed to the most current "Mailing Address" in the system if no "Diploma Address" is supplied.

Complete and Submit the Certificate Completion Form