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Guest Student Non-Degree Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Tuition is dependent on several factors, including student classification and program, residency status, and reciprocity status. In addition to tuition, you will be charged fees based on a variety of criteria.


  • You pay the undergraduate resident tuition rate if you receive undergraduate credit and you are not registered as a graduate or professional degree student.
  • You pay the graduate resident tuition rate if you are registered for a graduate-level course (5xxx or above) and are taking it for graduate credit. The amount per credit depends on your college or program.
  • You pay professional school tuition if you are registered for a course from one of the professional schools (Pharmacy; Medicine; or are working on a departmental master's.
  • If you take a graduate-level course for graduate credit, you will be charged the resident graduate or professional school tuition rate for ALL credits you take during the term, regardless of whether all classes in the term are taken for graduate credit.


Some fees are assessed universally; others depend on your course or program. For complete information on tuition and fees, see Tuition and Fees.

Financial aid resources

Discuss your financial aid options with one of our One Stop experts. Classes taken as a guest student through University Studies are not eligible for federal financial aid programs.