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Services for University Studies, Non-Degree (for credit) Students

To take courses as a Non-Degree student:

  • No transcripts are required.
  • An activation application is required.
  • Grades will be listed on a U of M transcript.
  • Credits may count toward a degree program should you be admitted to one in the future (to ensure these credits fulfill your prospective program's requirements, consult with that program ahead of time).

To take courses as a visiting student, guest for a semester (e.g. summer classes):

  • Check with your home college/university about accepting credits taken at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
  • An Activation Application is required.
  • Unofficial Transcripts may be required to prove satisfaction of course prerequisites
  • Grades will be listed on a U of M transcript.

Admitted Status

If you are interested in being admitted to the U as a degree-seeking student (which is different from registering for courses individually), see the Office of Admissions or admission links for Graduate and Professional schools (Medicine) or (Pharmacy).