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Estimating your Cost of Attendance (COA)

What will it cost you to attend the University of Minnesota Duluth? You can get an estimate by using the standard Cost of Attendance (COA) budgets that are prepared by the University for calculating financial aid awards.

COA budgets are based on full-time enrollment for the academic year (fall and spring semesters) unless otherwise indicated. Costs will vary according to your individual student profile. For example, an undergraduate student living in a campus residence hall will have different costs than a graduate student living in an off-campus apartment. Your actual costs will also depend on your personal lifestyle choices, as well as your degree program and coursework.

If your program doesn't appear on the COA chart, you will find comprehensive tuition and fee information detailed on the One Stop Tuition rates and Fees web pages.

To better understand how expense categories and standards are determined, go to About Cost Estimates.