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Fee Refunds

Student Services & University-sponsored Health Plan fees

If your enrollment drops below 6 credits, you must accept a refund of the University-sponsored health plan fee, though you may keep the student services fee. All refunds of these fees are based on the date that the cancellation is processed and are not affected by retroactive cancellation.

If you receive a refund of the student services fee, you can no longer use the services provided by the fee. To continue using these services, you must continue to be registered and not be issued any refund.

If you cancel all courses and qualify for a tuition refund, you must also accept a prorated refund of the student services fee and the University-sponsored health plan fee.

Special fees

The orientation fee and late registration fee, for example, are generally not refunded.

All other special fees assessed at registration are refunded at the same rate as tuition and course fees.

No special fees are refunded after the refund period has ended, even if your retroactive cancellation is authorized.