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Credit Card Payment FAQ

What credit cards will be accepted for payment of tuition and fees?
Electronic Billing will link to the credit card vendor, NelNet, to process American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, or Visa payments. If you use a credit card to pay your bill, you will be assessed a service fee by NelNet of 2.75 percent of the payment amount each time you make a payment.
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Can I pay with a debit card?
Yes, you may pay with a Visa, MasterCard, DISCOVER, or American Express debit card. However, you will be required to pay a separate, non-refundable service fee of 2.75 percent of the payment amount at the time of each debit card payment. You can avoid the service fee by using e-check instead to make a payment. Select the online e-check payment option and enter your bank routing and account number (available from your banking institution or your monthly bank statement).
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Why is the University assessing a 2.75 percent service fee to pay with credit cards?
The University is not accepting credit card payments directly. Credit cards are being accepted by NelNet, a vendor contracted by the University that is charging a fee for their service.
  • The 2.75 percent rate based on the payment amount for each transaction was determined by our vendor.
  • The University of Minnesota will not receive any part of the service fee.
  • While credit card payments offer convenience, the cost to the University was estimated to be approximately $2 million annually. Therefore, the University decided to require those who use this convenience to cover its cost.
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Is the service fee refundable?
The 2.75 percent service fee is non-refundable. Any service fee disputes must be taken directly to your credit card company.
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Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can charge on my credit card?
You and/or your payer can make a credit card or eCheck payment on Electronic Billing for a minimum of $1 or a maximum of $20,000.00. Payment maximums also depend on your credit card limit.
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What if I make a credit card payment for more than I owe on my student account?
The University is required to refund any overpayments made by credit card back to the credit card company. The service fee will not be refunded for the portion overpaid. Service fee disputes must be taken directly to your credit card company.
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Can I pay with a credit card in person or over the phone?
No. Credit card payments can only be made online through Electronic Billing and Payment. Credit card payments are not accepted in person or over the phone because credit card rules would require the University to add the service fee to all payment types. The University would have been forced to add the service fee to check and cash transactions.
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What happens if I make a mistake when I enter my credit card information online?
If a credit card number or other personal information is entered that is inconsistent with your credit card account, the payment will be rejected immediately. If the payment is rejected, you will be told that you are over your credit limit. You will be able to view all past rejected payments in your transaction history.
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How will I know if my payment is approved?
Credit card payments will be instantly approved and an online receipt issued to you.
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I received a refund for tuition and fees. How will I get it if I paid with a credit card?
Refunds for tuition and fees initially paid by credit card will be refunded to the credit card company used. However, the service fee will not be refunded.
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Why can’t I see the service fee on my student account?
The service fee is assessed by NelNet, our vendor, not the University of Minnesota, so it will not appear on your University student account. However, you and your authorized payer will be able to see the service fee in the transaction history within Electronic Billing. The service fee will also appear as a separate charge on your (or your payer’s) credit card statement.
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Can I use a credit card check or investment account to pay online?
No. Credit card check accounts or investment account checks, commonly called credit card convenience checks or advance checks, cannot be used for electronic payment.
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