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Consequences of Non-payment

  1. Your payment in full must be received by the third installment date (or first billing due date for May/Summer term) or your past-due account will be referred to Student Account Receivable, the University office that collects past-due account balances..
  2. If payment in full is not received by the end of the current term (or second billing due date for May/Summer term), your registration for future terms will be canceled.
  3. Seriously delinquent accounts may be referred to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, or a collection agency. Any charges incurred from this action will be assessed to you.

Billing Holds

If you do not pay the minimum due on the billing statement by the due date, the following consequences are possible:

  1. Your current registration may be canceled including classes you are already attending.
  2. A hold may be placed on your academic records, which prevents you from registering in the future, obtaining your transcript, and being issued your diploma.
  3. You may become ineligible for current or future financial aid.

In addition, if a past due account is paid with a personal check or e-payment, there could be a 15 business day waiting period, before transcripts or diplomas will be released or further registration will be allowed.

Cancellation policy

University policy requires that you must pay in full, all past due balances from a previous term or your current and/or future registration will be canceled. Your payment must be received, not postmarked, before the third due date for the current term (first due date for the May/Summer term) to avoid cancellation of classes. You are responsible for determining and paying the amount due in full. Here's how:

The total amount due will appear as the "All Accounts Balance." Tuition and fees may post to your student account two days after registration, but no earlier than six weeks before the beginning of the term.

Payments made online with an electronic transfer from either a bank or credit union checking or savings account are posted instantly to your University student account. For information on other payment options, go to Where & How to pay.

Re-register for classes

If you are canceled out of your class(s) for nonpayment, you will not be allowed to register until payment in full has been posted to your student account. Be advised that you have no guarantee that the same class(es) will be available. Student Financial Services will not re-register you for any classes. You must register online by clicking here or in person at the One Stop Student Services in 23 Solon Campus Center.

Non-degree students late payment policy

Non-degree students are required to pay all tuition and fees by the University’s first payment date for the current term. If you are a non-degree student who does not pay, you may be canceled from your class(s) for the current term. If you are canceled from a class(s) for nonpayment, you must contact One Stop Student Services to re-register. Look here for registration information for non-degree students.

Collection Procedures & Fees

You are responsible for any and all fees necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due. If you fail to pay your account, you will be subject to the late payment fee of $40.00. Delinquent accounts will be assessed this charge while the account is in a monthly billing status.

Past due accounts may be subject to handling charges and collection fees. Collection can include court action and referral to outside collection agencies. You are responsible for any and all fees necessary for the collection of any amount not paid to the University or contracted Collection Agency.

Any check or e-payment returned by the bank as unpaid will be assessed a $20.00 return check charge.

Note: If tuition is paid with a personal check that fails to clear the bank, your registration will be automatically canceled.