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Submit scholarship checks


Payment Due Dates

Where & How to Pay

Where and how to pay, as well as a comparison of payment options to help you make a convenient choice.

Online billing & payment

This informs you about electronic billing and payment services, including login instructions for students, parents, and guest users.

Viewing your billing statements

Learn about your billing statement. It details the total amount due from your student account from any unpaid tuition and fee charges, University housing charges, charges from other University offices, and previously unpaid account balances.

Installment payment plan

Information about making payments by the installment plan, including when the installment plan is offered and how much it will cost to use it.

Third party billing

Procedures that students, outside agencies, and University departments must follow to have an individual student's tuition and fees billed directly to an outside agency or another University department for payment.

Student Accounts Receivable

Get help resolving past-due accounts and managing loan repayment.

Billing Q & A

Answers to the most common questions about paying your University bill

Returned Checks and Epayments

If a personal check or epayment is returned by your financial institution for any reason, you may not have the ability to write or cash any checks on campus for up to one year. Repayment of returned items must be made with guaranteed funds; cash, money order or cashiers check. Any other method of repayment will require a 15 business day wait before you will be allowed to register or obtain transcripts. In addition, a $20 returned payment fee will be added to your account.

If the returned personal check or epayment was remitted to pay for tuition and fee charges, your registration will automatically be cancelled.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact 218-726-7511 Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 4:30pm or via email at