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Get Organized

Now is the time to get organized! Start learning effective money management here by designing your first budget with our step-by-step tutorial. Use the tools below for helpful information on setting your priorities; selecting a bank; saving thousands of dollars by graduating in four years; and applying for scholarship aid that, unlike loans, does not need to be repaid.

Define your priorities

Inspiration to get your financial house in order

Keep debt levels manageable

Before signing the dotted line, determine how much debt is too much

Make a spending plan

Use this roadmap and these tools to track your spending and set up a realistic, flexible plan

Plan for graduation in 4 years

Why planning to graduate in 4 years can save you BIG money

Understand financial aid

Understanding the types of aid will help in making the right decisions

Search for scholarships

You may qualify for money that never needs to be repaid

Borrow wisely

Find out how interest impacts your loan when you choose low payments over a longer repayment period

Choose a bank

What to look for in a financial institution

Store your documents

Develop a filing system that works for you