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Loan Repayment

Borrowing to fund your education is an investment in your future. However, this is an investment that must be repaid. Repaying your student loans establishes your financial independence and credit history. It is very important that you manage your loan payments carefully—failing to repay as agreed can have serious consequences to your financial well-being.

Your loan payments will be handled differently, depending on the program. To support your repayment efforts, links to service agencies that handle your payments are listed below, according to the loan type. Also included are links to information on how to recover your student loan history, consolidate loans, and benefit from student tax deductions.

Direct Loans

Visit and browse the "Managing Repayment" section for information on the following loans:

University-administered loans

Check out the billing and contact information for assistance in repaying these University-administered loans:

Student Educational Loan Fund (SELF)

Review the SELF Loan FAQ for helpful information. For repayment questions or to make payments, contact the loan servicer:

Firstmark Services 
PO Box 2977 
Omaha, NE 68103-2977
Phone 888-538-7378

Private alternative loans

For repayment information on a private loan, refer to your promissory note and the lender from whom you obtained the loan.

Your student loan history

Find resources to help you identify loans, lenders, and servicers from other institutions or eras at Repayment research.

Loan consolidation

A consolidation loan takes several different loans and combines them into one new loan. Consolidation can make repayment convenient, but it changes the terms and conditions of your loans, so read this content carefully.

Tax benefits for borrowers

The University's Tax Management Office lists a number of useful links on educational tax benefits available to you.

Visit the Internal Revenue Service pages below for more details about tax topics relevant to students: