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When you have more than one student loan, you may elect to combine them into one consolidated loan, which may create more favorable terms and simplify repayment, benefitting both you, the borrower, and the lending agency. There are different types of consolidation loans, based on what loans you want to consolidate, and various other conditions.

  • The Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program, an income-sensitive plan
  • Ford Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Program (Direct Loan program), an income-contingent plan

Under either of these programs, a borrower’s loans are paid in full and a new consolidated loan is created, in the amount of the combined total of the previous loans. The new consolidated loan streamlines repayment by eliminating different terms, repayment schedules, or lenders. There are numerous other differences between the FFEL and the Direct Loan consolidation program.

Federal Direct Consolidation Loans

Look carefully at the consolidation loan details on the Federal Direct Consolidation Loans Information Center website of the U.S. Department of Education to make sure you are selecting a consolidation loan that serves your best interests.

Eligible loan programs

If you have University-administered, private, or state of Minnesota loans, take a close look at the One Stop's "Eligible loan programs." Not all loans are eligible for consolidation under all federal programs.