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Loan Periods

The loan or enrollment period is the period of time that you will need loan funding.

If you are planning to attend both fall and spring semesters, you are encouraged to apply for the total amount you need for both semesters, and use the month of September as the loan period start date and the month of May as the loan period end date.

The May and summer enrollment periods at UMD are trailers to the standard academic year of fall and spring semesters. Your enrollment for both May and summer terms will be combined to determine your loan period, as well as your enrollment status. Students attending a May session class should use May as the month for their loan period start date. Students that will attend the regular summer term, with no May session registration, should use the month of June as the loan period start date. The month of the loan period end date is often July. When UMD certifies your eligibility to the lender, we will provide the actual enrollment dates for the loan period.