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When & How to Apply

When to apply:

If you file a FAFSA to apply for traditional financial aid each year:

Apply for private education loans after you receive and respond to your financial aid award notice from UMD. Your lender must collect a Private Education Loan Self-certification form from you. You will need to know the cost of attendance and estimated other financial aid in order to complete this form.

  • For full academic year (fall and spring) loans, or fall semester only loans, apply for private education loans after July 1st.
  • For spring semester, apply after November 1st.
  • For May Session and/or the summer term, apply after you finish registering for these terms.
  • Study Abroad students should not apply until after they have filed all necessary study abroad paperwork with the International Education Office and notified One Stop Student Services.

How to apply:

Apply online, or by phone, directly with your lender of choice. Most lenders prefer, or require, you apply online in order to expedite required loan disclosure information, and ultimately disbursement of funds. If you used FASTChoice to find a lender, links to most lender websites are provided.

Indicate the University of Minnesota Duluth as the school you will attend when you apply. Our federal school code is 002388, branch code 00.

Do not apply to more than one loan program at the same time unless you qualify for and intend to borrow the total amount you apply for.

If you apply to more than one loan program, the University will process your loan applications in the order they are received for school certification until you run out of eligibility.

Follow your lender's instructions for completing the application process. Application processes vary by lender and are subject to change. In most cases, the lender will pre-approve your application online or by phone and then request an eSignature from you (and from your co-signer, if one was required), or request that you complete and mail in a paper loan application.