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Complete Loan Documents & Requirements

Every time a student or parent accepts a student loan, they are required to meet specific legal requirements. This page guides you to the forms or actions that are required of you to receive the loan that was offered on your eFAAN.

Check Financial Aid Status

The best place for a current student to go to complete your loan process is , your personalized guide to the Financial Aid process at the University of Minnesota.

Entrance counseling

Teaches you how to monitor your student loan debt and make wise borrowing choices.

Student Loan Promissory Notes

Federal Direct Loan prom notes are completed on the Federal Direct Loan web site. They need only be signed once if you accept a loan once every 12 months while you are a student.

Parent PLUS Loan Requirements

Parent loans require that both parents and students complete specific requirements.

Truth in Lending Act discosure documents

If you have a loan that requires these documentsĀ 
(Private loans, SELF, Perkins, University Trust Fund Loan (UTFL), Nursing student loan, etc.) you will find links inĀ .