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Student Loans

Loans are the last type of aid for which you are considered, after gift aid and work-study. Loans are considered self-help financial aid because you must repay the money loaned to you.

The content below will help you quickly complete tasks related to your student loans.

Complete loan documents and requirements

What you need to complete to get a loan you have accepted: entrance counseling, prom notes, and an active confirmation form. Note, you will not need to complete an Active Confirmation Form after the 2015-2016 academic year.

Change your loan amount

Looking to reduce or increase an existing student loan?

Request a new loan

How to apply for a loan after completing your efAAN.

Leaving the University - Exit counseling

Tasks that you must complete before leaving the University

Repay your loans

Loan servicers, consolidation, deferment, cancellation, and more

Understand loan options

The content below will help you make good decisions about student loans.

Make wise borrowing choices

Compare loan programs, track your overall debt, and make sure you are making the best choices for your future.

Know your loan programs

Terms, conditions, and legally required documentation for each loan program