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Wisconsin Reciprocity Supplemental Grant

The Wisconsin Reciprocity Supplemental Grant is only for students who were admitted prior to fall 2012 and enrolled for spring 2013.

It is intended to offset the difference in tuition charges between the University of Minnesota and a comparable program in the University of Wisconsin—Madison system. Wisconsin students who were admitted fall 2008 through fall 2011 and have applied and been approved for reciprocity with the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board are eligible.

Students must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program to be eligible to receive these funds. The award is based on 13 credit tuition charges and will be prorated if a student is enrolled for less than 13 credits. If you complete the FAFSA and are eligible for this award, it will be included as part of your financial aid package. If you do not complete the FAFSA, this grant will be awarded to you after census date. No additional application is required.