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Grants, education benefits, & tuition waivers or reductions

Grants and waivers are non-competitive aid that is set aside for students who qualify based on financial need or other criteria. Some require that you identify yourself as meeting specific criteria. The University automatically determines your eligibility for other programs based on your FAFSA. Review the programs below to see if any apply to you.

Grants & waivers that require additional application or action

Employment or service-related

Demographic or family related

Minnesota Dream Act

The Minnesota Dream Act, which is also known as The Prosperity Act, was passed into Minnesota law in May 2013 and then adopted as an official University of Minnesota policy in July 2013 by Board of Regents resolution. Under this new law and policy, undocumented Minnesota high school graduates meeting certain criteria can benefit in these ways:

  • In-state resident tuition rates for undergraduate and graduate students at public colleges and universities, including all University of Minnesota campuses*, regardless of immigration status.
  • State financial aid available to students who meet state residency requirements, regardless of immigration status.
  • Privately funded financial aid through public colleges and universities, including aid from the University of Minnesota, regardless of immigration status, to include undocumented students.

Minnesota Dream Act More Information

Minnesota Office of Higher Education Dream Act website

Grants & waivers awarded automatically

When you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and are admitted to the University of Minnesota, you wil automatically be considered for these federal, state, and University grants. No additional action or application is required. Awards are based on your financial need, any eligibility criteria specific to the source, and availability of funds.

Graduate Tuition Benefits

Tuition benefits are a type of financial assistance awarded by the University that reduces the amount of tuition you pay.

You are eligible for tuition benefits if you are a graduate student who holds an assistantship position of at least 12.5% time. Tuition benefits are credited to your University student account and are available year-round, including summer session.

If interested, you must pursue an individual graduate assistantship. Please contact your department or the UMD Graduate School Office. An assistantship award may cause your federal student loan eligibility to be adjusted. The hourly wage of your assistantship is a salary and does not count as a financial aid award.

Tuition Waivers

Tuition waivers may be available to students as part of a scholarship, fellowship, departmental or institutional assistance, outside agency, or University of Minnesota Regents Scholarship for employees. Tuition waivers, regardless of their source, are considered a form of financial aid which may reduce eligibility for student loans.