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Do you qualify for financial aid?

To receive financial aid, you must qualify under all of the following eligibility criteria.

Meet all Federal Eligibility Criteria

For instance, you may not receive federal Pell Grant from more than one school at the same time. You must clear any hold on your financial aid record.

Be admitted to a Degree Program

Formal admission is different from just taking classes. Most financial aid requires admission to a degree program. Contact a One Stop counselor for information about aid for certificate programs. There is limited aid available for non-degree students.

Complete your Financial Aid file

In order to determine if you qualify we may ask you for transcripts from previous schools, to verify your FAFSA information, or to verify your citizenship.

Meet Credit Requirements

Your enrollment must meet the minimum credit requirements to receive financial aid.

Undergraduate Credit Requirements

Graduate Credit Requirements

Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Keeping your aid eligibility depends on your progress toward completion of your degree program.

Prerequisite Courses

You may be eligible to receive federal student loans if you are required to complete courses before admission to a degree program

Distance Learning Criteria

Online or extended-term courses may or may not qualify as enrollment for financial aid purposes

Second Major or Degree

Can financial aid help you pursue additional higher education?