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Revised Awards & your eFAAN

Before your financial aid funds can be paid to your student account you must meet the minimum enrollment status required by the funds you have accepted.

You must also meet any criteria specific to the aid program(s) from which you accept aid. You have until the end of the cancel/add & refund deadlines period (two weeks into the typical semester) to complete your registration and have your credits count towards financial aid eligibility.

Your aid may be revised if you:

  • enroll for less than full-time credits (15 credits for Minnesota State Grant);

  • make corrections on your Student Aid Report that alter your aid eligibility;

  • change your state residency status;

  • move from an off-campus address or residence hall to your parent's home;

  • do not attend the University for fall and spring semesters consecutively;

  • receive scholarships, grants, waivers, tuition benefits, stipends, fellowships, or assistance from other outside or University sources that were not listed on your original eFAAN;

  • receive funds for which you are ineligible;

  • receive aid that exceeds your calculated need;

  • document expenses not reported on the FAFSA, such as off-campus study, child and/or adult dependent care expenses, or disability-related costs;

  • do not return your promissory note within five (5) days of receipt; or

  • are granted a revision to your aid through an Office of Financial Aid appeals committee;

  • fail to respond to your eFAAN after 45 days.

You will receive an email from the University if your financial aid is revised. You can view your financial aid at any time through the