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Registration Appointment (Queue) Stages & Dates

UMD uses stages across 10 business days in the registration queue with each stage representing a credit range. Students are assigned to a stage based on the number of cumulative credits (completed and in-progress credits for the current term) or by student type (e.g. non-degree seeking students are always on the last day of the registration period.) Within each stage, students are ordered alphabetically by last name, with a different 'start' letter used each term.

Adjustments to Registration Times

Registration times will only be adjusted if students have transfer credits not evaluated at the time the registration appointments were calculated.

Students must supply an official college transcript to the Office of Admissions. The transcript will be evaluated and an email will be sent to the student if a registration appointment adjustment was made.

Send official transcripts:

Office of Admissions
25 Solon Campus Center
1117 University Drive
Duluth, MN 55812

When Can I Enroll?

Students are able to register at their assigned appointment (queue) time or anytime thereafter.

  • Summer term: registration begins the first Monday in March
  • Fall term: registration begins in April
  • Spring term: registration begins in November

Registration Queue Stages

Fall 2014 queue begins with the letter 'A'.

Stage 1
New Undergraduate Students - Advisement-Registration sessions for Fall Semester begin Monday, June 9, 2014. Contact the Office for Students in Transition for more information.
Stage 2
Continuing undergraduate students with 99 or more total credits, Graduate students, Medical School students, and College of Pharmacy students begin registration on 4/14/2014.
Stage 3
Students with 90 – 98.9 total credits begin 4/17/2014
Stage 4
Students with 75 – 89.9 total credits begin 4/18/2014
Stage 5
Students with 60 – 74.9 total credits begin 4/18/2014
Stage 6
Students with 45 – 59.9 total credits begin 4/21/2014
Stage 7
Students with 30 – 44.9 total credits begin 4/22/2014
Stage 8
Students with 15 – 29.9 total credits begin 4/23/2014
Stage 9
Students with 0 – 14.9 total credits begin 4/24/2014
Stage 10
Non-degree students begin 4/25/2014

Open Registration Period
Begins Monday, April 28, 2014
Ends Monday, September 1, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.