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Registration timing FAQ

How to determine your registration appointment (queue) time


Credits and academic level

Specific student populations

Exceptional situations

What is the queue?
The registration queue is a method of assigning registration times to ensure fair access to classes. Your registration time indicates when you can begin to register. You do not need to register exactly at your assigned time, however. You can register at, or anytime after, your assigned time.Return to Top
How do I fit into the queue?
UMD uses stages across 10 days in the registration queue with each stage representing a credit range. Students are assigned to a stage based on the number of cumulative credits (completed and in-progress credits for the current term) or by student type (e.g. non-degree students are always on the last day of the registration period.) See registration appointments (queue) stages for details.​Return to Top
Does my Admission date affect my place in the queue?
No, your date of admission does not affect your place in the queue. All undergraduates must have at least 13 credits in progress to qualify for the earlier stage for their academic level.Return to Top
What are cumulative credits?
Cumulative credits are the credits you have completed and for which you have received a grade, plus the credits you are currently taking. (Transfer credits are counted in your cumulative credits.) If you are an undergraduate, the number of cumulative credits you have determines your academic level.Return to Top
How are academic levels determined?
Undergraduates fall into four traditional academic levels depending on the number of their cumulative credits. Remember: Cumulative credits are the number of credits you have completed (and for which you have received a grade) plus the courses you are currently taking. The academic levels are as follows:
  • Seniors: 90 or more cumulative credits
  • Juniors: 60.000-89.999 cumulative credits
  • Sophomores: 30.000-59.999 cumulative credits
  • Freshmen: Less than 30 cumulative credits
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What are credits in progress?
Credits in progress are courses in which you are enrolled in the current semester and for which you have not yet received a grade. They determine the stage into which you fall. Incompletes from previous terms do not count towards credits in progress. Return to Top
Explain those stages to me!
See registration appointment (queue) stages for details.
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Are 0-credit or audit courses counted in my cumulative credits or in my credits in progress?
0-credit courses will always count as credits in progress. 0-credit courses are not counted, however, in cumulative credits.
Audit courses are not counted in your cumulative credits, nor are they counted as credits in progress.Return to Top
Are my Online and Distance Learning (ODL) courses counted as credits in progress?
Term-based ODL courses (semester courses) should be included in your courses in progress. Extended-term ODL courses (9-month courses) are not included. Whether term based or extended term, ODL courses do count in cumulative credits once they are completed.Return to Top
I'm a graduate student. Does the queue apply to me?
Yes, the queue applies to graduate and professional school students as well as to undergraduates. Return to Top
I must get into a certain course if I am going to graduate on time. Is there anyway I can get an earlier registration time?
A student's registration time may not be changed; however, please contact your college office for assistance with registering in a closed class or finding classes to support timely graduation.Return to Top
Does the queue apply to every course I want to register for?
Generally yes, unless you are interested in registering for an ODL extended term (9-month) course that has a special registration time. See to Top
I am not working toward a degree. When do I register?
NOTE: Returning non-degree-seeking students (students not admitted to a University of Minnesota degree or certificate program) are assigned Stage 11 and they may register during open registration. See registration times to find open registration dates for the current registration period.​Return to Top
I did not get an e-mail about my registration time. What should I do?
Contact One Stop Student Services for assistance. Graduate students do not receive e-mail notification of their registration time.​Return to Top
I have added up all my credits and I think I should have a different time in the queue. What should I do?
Please review your cumulative and in-progress credit totals on your unofficial transcript in comparison with established appointment stages. Please contact One Stop Student Services. Return to Top