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Registration checklist

Use this list to check off the items you've completed and print a copy to take with you as you finish the remaining tasks.

Review your APAS report.

Review your to get an individualized report on what courses you still need for each of your major and/or minor degree programs.

Meet with your adviser.

Schedule an appointment with your adviser. They can help you stay on track for graduation. Bring with you a tentative schedule, a copy of your Graduation Plan, and a list of questions (degree requirements, elective options, internships, study abroad, etc.).

Verification of your health plan coverage.

Keep your health insurance information up-to-date. If you register for more than six eligible credits and you do not provide your insurance information, you will be charged for the University's Student Health Benefit Plan.

Know your class standing (academic level).

You should register for classes that are appropriate to your class standing (academic level). Your class standing is determined by the number of course credits you have successfully completed in a postsecondary institution, including the University of Minnesota. Quarter transfer credits from another institution are converted to semester credits by a standard formula.

Be aware of requirements for non-degree and/or first-time registration.

If this is your first term at the University and you have not been admitted to a degree program, you are considered a non-degree/guest student with UMD’s University Studies division. For initial registration requests, complete the Activation Application. For more information, go to Non-degree registration.

Add name to waitlist for closed classes.

Check the section status tab in the Class Schedule to make sure that the class you want is still open. Some classes fill quickly. You may add your name to a waitlist, if one is available. More information on Wait listing.

Apply to receive graduate credit.

To receive graduate credit for courses taken while not admitted to a graduate program, you must get approval from the department offering the class by completing. In some instances, college approval may be required. Note: These classes do not qualify for financial aid.

Get a class permission number.

Is instructor approval, department approval, or college approval printed in the prerequisite statement of your class? Or, are you registering after the first week of classes? Remember: You must have a class permission number or online course approval to register for these courses. All class permission numbers expire at the end of the second week of the semester. After the second week, you must go to your college office for electronic approval.

Get approval for class time conflicts.

To register for overlapping classes, get an approval form at your collegiate advising and academic services office. Obtain both instructors' signatures on the form and return it to your collegiate advising and academic services office.

Check for holds on your student record.

You will not be able to register if you have any holds on your student record. Notice of any hold, including the name of the department or office where it may be cleared, is . Clear your holds as soon as possible. More information about holds.

Review college registration instructions.

You may have specific registration requirements to follow or meet depending on your college. Contact your college advising and academic services office.