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Class & section labels

When class numbers (call numbers) and section numbers precede the hours and days listed, you may choose the section in which you wish to register (see Example 1).

Example 1

31533 001 LEC, 08:00-9:40am TThS
11533 002 LEC, 09:00-10:05am MWF
12533 003 LEC, 12:00-01:40pm TThS

Many courses have a choice of laboratory or discussion sections, but only a single lecture section, in which all students taking the course are automatically registered (See example 2). This lecture section will have no class number (call number) before it, signifying an automatic registration , then your choice of laboratory or discussion hours determines in which lecture you are automatically registered.(See example 3)

Example 2

  001 LEC, 10:15-11:20am MWF
81533 002 LAB, 12:00-01:40pm M
61533 003 LAB, 12:00-01:40pm W

Example 3

  001 LEC, 08:00-09:40am T
41533 002 LAB, 10:00-11:40am T
21533 003 LAB, 10:00-11:40am Th
  004 LEC, 11:00-12:40am Th
11533 005 LAB, 02:00-03:40pm T
64574 006 LAB, 02:00-03:40pm Th