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Registration Guidelines

Register only when you have reviewed the information links below. Understanding the impact of credit loads, holds, grades, and special permissions could save you time and money.

Academic Credit Load

Credit Load, 13-credit Tuition Band, Semester Limits, Financial Aid, Full and half-time Status.

Auditing Courses

Options to audit classes

Closed Classes

Options for getting into closed classes; wait list & class permissions

Dual-Career Registration

Eligibility, tuition, fees, billing, and financial aid for dual-career students

Extra Credit & Independent Study

Extra credit and independent study sections in regular courses

First Day of Class Attendance Policy

Instructor's approval required for intended absence, right to deny admission

Grade Basis Options

Grading options for A-F grades, pass/fail, and auditing

Hold Resolution

Hold types, consequences, removal from records

Registration at Partner Institutions

UMD undergraduate students have the opportunity to register concurrently at the College of Scholastica and at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Students registering and paying fees for at least 12 credits at UMD may register for a combined maximum of two courses per term at the College of St. Scholastica and at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Additional UMD tuition charges for the cross-registered courses will be computed as if the courses had been taken at UMD. To register and learn more, visit ourĀ website.

Repeating a Course

Key points when considering repeating a course

Special Course Listings