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Closed Classes

Wait List

Wait listing is part of the enrollment system. It helps students access seats that come available after a class has closed. Learn more about wait listing here.

Instructor permission

Some classes require instructor, department, or college permission to enroll in the class. Contact the department offering the class for more information on how to request a seat.

Class Permission Schedule

You may use class permission numbers to override some limits on class registration. Class permission may be granted by an instructor, department, or college beginning with registration through the second week of the semester. All class permissions expire at the end of the second week of classes. After the second week you must complete the Add a Course after 2nd week of the term form to obtain permission. During the summer, class permission schedules vary by course.

  Registration through second week of fall or spring semester Third week through the last day of instruction
Permission granted by: Instructor, department, college Faculty and department head committee
Permission overrides: Class limit, requisites (not to override class time conflicts or credit maximum) Class limit, requisites (not to override class time conflicts or credit maximum)
Process: Instructor or department will distribute the permission number. You can register by entering this permission number either online or on the registration form. After the second week you must complete the Add after the 2nd Week - Class Additions and Adjustments form to obtain permission.
Student-specific permission: If you are issued student- specific permission, you will not receive a number but are cleared to register for the class online. NA