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Auditing Courses

Most colleges permit auditing in their courses. As an auditor, you enroll in, pay tuition and fees for, and attend classes but do not complete assignments or take examinations. You receive no credit for the class, but the class will be placed on your transcript with the symbol "V" (visitor) to indicate your special registration status. Although you do not receive credit, the credit value for the class counts in determining the credit total for the student services fee.

Colleges may have additional requirements for you to meet before you register as an auditor. It may be necessary to have approval from your adviser, instructor, and/or special scholastic committees. Many colleges do not permit registration as an auditor in required courses. For further information, check with your college office.

Audit Registration

To register as an auditor once you have received any necessary approvals, select the AUD option from the drop-down menu when registering online. If registering in person, by mail, or by fax, place a V in the grading basis column for that class.