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Cancellation & Refunds

Official Cancellation Required

When to cancel

Class cancellations are effective the day you officially cancel, not on the date you stopped attending class. You may fail a course if you stop attending class and neglect to cancel your registration.

Before the first day of classes: cancel any class that you have decided not to attend.

After the first day of classes: cancel immediately if you stop attending class for any reason. See Registration changes.

Departmental cancellations: If you registered for a course that is canceled by the department, contact the department immediately to see if alternative arrangements have been made. If not, you are responsible for canceling the class to remove it from your record.

Refund periods

Both new and continuing students will have tuition and course fees refunded on the following general schedule:

  • through Tuesday of the second week of the semester 100%
  • during the second week 75%
  • during the third week 50%
  • during the fourth week 25%
  • thereafter 0%

Special consideration will be given for course cancellation due to medical problems, attendance at other academic institutions, rules of individual academic departments, or active military duty. You must submit a Tuition Refund Petition and provide documentation for exemption from the refund policy. After the tenth week, no refund will be granted unless your situation fits one of the special categories listed above.